Zenonas Zenonos

Founder of Mediwell Healthcare


My name is Zenonas Zenonos. I live and work in Cyprus where I come from. For the past 8 years I have founded Mediwell Healthcare, a company and my dream to help and improve the quality of life of my fellow human beings has come true. I have completed academic studies and hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing as well as a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). With rich work experience, having served as a nursing mentor at the European University Cyprus, where I was responsible for the training of nursing students, I have all the necessary knowledge for patient care. In addition, I am a registered nurse and a member of the European Wound Management Association, while I held the position of Health and Safety Officer at the Junior School of Nicosia.


Give the elderly the quality of life they deserve.

Home medical care is a different model of approach to patients who need hospitalization without the need for them to stay in a hospital environment. In all the modern countries of the western world and especially in the United States of America and England, the home nursing model is widespread.

In Cyprus, home nursing is constantly gaining ground. Patients, as well as their families, choose quality treatment for their loved one with greater comfort and the least possible discomfort. Our home can easily and without cost be turned into a place of accommodation for our loved one, where he will receive the required medical care for as long as needed.

Home Nursing Paphos

One of the most important goals of home health care is to ensure that patients, (elderly, cancer patients, post-surgery, temporarily ill) receive high quality, personal and compassionate care. At Mediwell home health care is designed to meet these needs, offering personalized health services in the convenience and comfort of a patient’s home.

The advantages for your loved ones and your family environment.

 Family members themselves often take on the role of caregiver for their loved ones who are either unable to take care of themselves, or need medication but it is a great inconvenience for them to go frequently to hospitals and clinics. Mediwell fills exactly this gap by offering through its medical and nursing staff, home healthcare allowing relatives to get back to their lives and enjoy more quality time free from the burden of caring for their loved ones themselves.

Additionally, with home care, families who are unable to serve as primary caregivers have the benefit of knowing that their loved ones are receiving professional, compassionate and personalized care in the comfort and safety of their own home.


Mediwell provides professional medical and nursing services, ensuring support, privacy and comfort for our patients in their own homes. Our patients benefit from having their health needs adequately addressed while enjoying greater independence and dignity.


Through our company you can benefit from the following services

  • Wound care and healing aid for the elderly
  • Pain management and tratment

Our goals are to care for and educate patients and their loved ones in their own environment, and to keep them informed about their care and progress. Mediwell Home Healthcare Services has proudly provided excellent home care services to patients for the past three years throughout the city and province of Paphos.

Zenonas Zenonos
Home Nurse 

Care and Wellness Offer for the Elderly and the Sick


Our mission is to provide high quality care and wellness to seniors. With dedication and experience, we create an atmosphere of dignity and love around them


Living with Care, Value and Love: The Science of Wellness in Our Hands


With a deep commitment to the welfare and care of the elderly and sick, we create an environment full of love and humanity. At the core of our mission are respectful treatment and quality care, offering the elderly and the sick the value of life they deserve. With attention to detail and expertise, we elevate the science of wellness, helping every person enjoy a life full of dignity and joy.


Our specialty is the treatment of bedsores in elderly and bedridden patients.

Get informed immediately by the NHS if you are entitled to free care from us for 5 months, otherwise the cost of each visit is 6 euros per visit (for the first 5 months)

Ηοme care and treatment of bedsores in elderly and bedridden patients.

For bedridden patients, treatment at home is essential and often bears the brunt of their hospitalization. It comes to complement medical care and family care with patient care, cleanliness and skin care, position changes and mobilization, bed changes and care, nutrition care, implementation of medical instructions and early recognition of any problem so that it can be dealt with as quickly as possible. The prevention and treatment of depression is of great importance not only for the health but also for the patient's quality of life, so it should be a top priority for everyone.