Our specialty is the treatment of bedsores in elderly and bedridden patients.

Get informed immediately by the NHS if you are entitled to free care from us for 5 months, otherwise the cost of each visit is 6 euros per visit (for the first 5 months)

Ηοme care and treatment of bedsores in elderly and bedridden patients.

For bedridden patients, treatment at home is essential and often bears the brunt of their hospitalization. It comes to complement medical care and family care with patient care, cleanliness and skin care, position changes and mobilization, bed changes and care, nutrition care, implementation of medical instructions and early recognition of any problem so that it can be dealt with as quickly as possible. The prevention and treatment of depression is of great importance not only for the health but also for the patient's quality of life, so it should be a top priority for everyone.


Bedsores are wounds of the body, which are created in places of long-term pressure mainly in elderly people, but also in younger bedsores. Prolapse is due to tissue necrosis in the area under pressure. A recumbency can in some cases appear very quickly. Even during e.g. 2 days in a supine position in an elderly patient, recumbency may occur. Prolapses occur more often at older ages, and tissue perfusion is worse at older ages. Swelling often occurs in the area of the coccyx, heels, hips, and other parts of the body. In a recumbency, as mentioned there are dead tissues (necrosis). Tissue necrosis usually rapidly expands in width and depth, and an abscess (collection of pus) may form. In neglected cases it is possible to spread the inflammation even to the bones of the lying area. In this case, an X-ray or CT scan is required to detect any osteolysis.

Zenonas Zenonos

Founder of Mediwell Healthcare


Our mission is home care by professional Nurses, promoting health in your own environment and avoiding discomfort from waiting in hospitals. In addition, we emphasize maintaining your personal comfort, understanding and managing the needs of each individual. Finally, we follow an affordable pricing policy.